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Western Open Access Transmission Service Tariff Revision

Western Area Power Administration submitted its revised Open Access Transmission Service Tariff with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Sept. 30, 2009. The tariff became effective on Dec. 1, 2009, as modified by Western's March 2, 2011 compliance filing. The revised tariff was developed to comply with FERC Order No. 890 and to be consistent with Western’s statutory and regulatory requirements. It addresses changes in transmission services and planning.   

FERC issued an order on Dec. 2, 2010, granting Western's petition for a Declaratory Order approving the tariff as an acceptable reciprocity tariff, subject to Western making a compliance filing within 30 days to address items in Attachment C, Attachment P and Attachment Q. Western made its compliance filing on March 2, 2010, addressing FERC's Dec. 2, 2010, order. FERC accepted Western's March 2, 2011 compliance filing on April 25, 2011. Western has made several ministerial filings to its OATT as part of FERC’s eTariff viewer system, the last of these was approved on March 29, 2013. Further detail can be found in the links below.

Current OATT
  • Western’s OATT currently in effect, including Large Generator Interconnection and Small Generator Interconnection Provisions, as well as historical OATT revision filings along with EIS and EA Environmental Review Agreement templates.
OATT Revision

  • Western filed minor revisions to its OATT to clarify certain provisions and correct errors introduced in Western’s prior filings.  A copy of the April 12, 2013 filing letter is posted on Western’s OASIS page to ensure public notification of the changes.
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If you have further questions, please contact one of the following people based on the applicable Western Regional transmission project: