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Western’s FY 2014 budget request flat lined from FY 2013


LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Western requested $96.4 million for Fiscal Year 2014 as part of the Department of Energy’s budget request submission April 10.


The appropriations request is about the same as the FY 2013 request and lower than FY 2010 by about 12 percent, or $13 million. 


“Western continues to find and implement cost-saving opportunities and efficiencies through consolidation and best practices,” said Administrator Mark Gabriel. “We strive to keep our power costs competitive and at the lowest rates consistent with sound business practices.”


Western is unique as a Federal agency in that less than 10 percent of its budget comes from traditional appropriations. Western uses receipts from power marketing and transmission sales to offset annual expenses and receives alternative financing for projects to improve its facilities and maintain reliable electricity delivery.


Western expects about $627 million to come from sales receipts and another $294 million from alternative sources of financing, including advance customer funding, to round out its budget in FY 2014.


Western’s construction and rehabilitation program request, which funds reinvestment in transmission facilities and infrastructure, was a little less than $16.8 million. Twenty-two of Western’s 44 critical construction and rehabilitation projects will be funded through appropriations.


“We will seek about $106 million in alternative financing or cash advances for our FY 2014 construction budget,” said Chief Financial Officer Linda Kimberling.


Western, customers and stakeholders will continue to work closely together to ensure adequate funding for the critical infrastructure.



“Both Congress and our customers play important roles in keeping Western and its valuable assets healthy, strong and reliable. We appreciate their support over the years and look forward to a bright future,” said Gabriel.


The numbers:

See the budget by program area

A breakdown of Western’s FY 2014 budget for the Construction, Rehabilitation, Operation and Maintenance account includes three areas:


·         Operations and Maintenance: $40.6 million in net appropriations; $5.5 million in alternative financing, and $36.7 million in receipts and the Colorado River Dam Fund.


·         Construction and Rehabilitation to address the aging transmission system infrastructure and reliability concerns across more than 17,000 miles of transmission lines: $16.8 million appropriations; $105.7 million alternative financing. There are 44 priority projects seeking FY 2014 funding.


·         Purchase Power and Wheeling: $0 in appropriations; $176.4 million in alternative financing; $230.7 million in receipts.


The remaining $38.6 million in net appropriations will support Western’s program direction, which funds salaries and support services; program direction is also expected to receive $5.8 million in alternative financing and $173.3 million in receipts and the Colorado River Dam Fund.


In addition to covering the majority of Western’s funding requirements in FY 2014 from the sale of power, transmission, and other services, Western also anticipates returning $174.1 million to the U.S. Treasury during the fiscal year—nearly double the appropriation request.