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three people work in a trench to create a footer for a substation retention wall
Employees with Tri-Technic Inc. prepare footer for an ED-5 Substation retaining wall, Feb. 11, 2013.

Lakewood, Colo. – Western gave the green light to start work on a transmission line and substation to connect the renewable-rich zone south of Phoenix, Ariz., with the Palo Verde market hub, a major electrical trading hub in the western United States. This is the first major construction step for the Electrical District No. 5 - Palo Verde Hub Project.

“It’s great to see that construction work has started on this important project,” said ED5-PVH Project Manager Todd Rhoades. “Hurricane Sandy and the recent northeast blackouts really highlight how important our energy infrastructure is to our everyday lives. This project is an investment in improving our system in the desert southwest area.”

In August 2012, S.E Inc. was awarded the contract to construct the ED5-to-Thornton Road section of the new 230-kV transmission line, and in November 2012, Tri-Technic Inc. was awarded the contract to construct the ED‑5 substation expansion and upgrade. These projects are being funded through Western’s Transmission Infrastructure Program.

“With the project moving into the construction phase, I am confident our Western employees have the expertise and dedication needed to manage the project, and that the project will come in on time and within budget, and serve as a model for future transmission expansion,” said Transmission Infrastructure Program Manager Craig Knoell.

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