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Western extends the scoping comment period for Estes-to-Flatiron Substation Transmission Lines Rebuild environmental impact statement

LAKEWOOD, Colo.—Western is extending the Estes-to-Flatiron Substation Transmission Lines Rebuild Project environmental impact statement (EIS) public scoping process through Aug. 31.

Western had initiated a 90-day public scoping process in Larimer County, Colo., April 17 by publishing a notice of intent in the Federal Register (77 FR 22774). The extension provides additional opportunities for the public to provide comments and identify issues, opportunities and concerns that should be considered in the draft EIS.

Western proposes to upgrade and co-locate two aging transmission lines in the area onto one right of way. Upgrading these lines is necessary to comply with safety standards; ensure reliable and cost effective electricity in Estes Park, Loveland and along the Front Range; and provide accessibility for maintenance and emergencies. The lines in question are essential for the delivery of power to the Town of Estes Park from a variety of generation sources along the Front Range.

Comments received will be considered in defining the scope of the EIS. In order to ensure consideration in the Draft EIS, all comments must be received prior to the end of the scoping period. Western will provide additional opportunities for public participation when the draft EIS is published.

To provide the public with an opportunity to review the proposal and project information, Western will hold two public meetings in August 2012: one meeting in Estes Park, Colo., and one meeting in Loveland, Colo., during the public scoping period. Western will announce the dates and locations of the public scoping meetings through local news media, newsletters and posting on the Western website at, at least 15 days prior to each meeting.

The public can submit comments on the proposal at any time during the EIS process by mail to Tim Snowden, Western Area Power Administration, 5555 E. Crossroads Blvd., P.O. Box 3700, Loveland, CO 80539-3003, fax (970) 461-7213 or e-mail,

For additional information on the proposed project, the EIS process, or to receive a copy of the Draft EIS when it is published, contact Tim Snowden by the methods noted above.

The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest will also be a cooperating agency on the EIS. Portions of Western’s proposal may affect floodplains and wetlands, so this notice also serves as an extension of the notice of proposed floodplain or wetland action in accordance with Department of Energy floodplain and wetland environmental review requirements (10 CFR part 1022). The EIS will include an assessment of impacts to floodplains and wetlands, and, if required, a floodplain statement of findings following DOE regulations.

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