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Warren and Anderson hold award
Western’s Rocky Mountain Regional Manager Brad Warren, left, presents Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association Executive Vice President and General Manager Ken Anderson with the Administrator’s Award for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Feb. 7, at Tri-State’s board meeting in Westminster, Colo.

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association set a great example of how utilities can plan their resources while incorporating the voice of consumers.

“We worked hard to get our members and others interested in the process involved in developing our [integrated resource] plan,” said Tri-State’s Executive Vice President and General Manager Ken Anderson. “It wasn’t easy, but our team never got off mission; they stayed focused on what needed to be accomplished and made it happen.”

During Tri-State’s monthly board meeting, Feb. 7, Western Area Power Administration presented Tri-State with the Administrator’s Award for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

“Tri-State went the extra mile to involve stakeholders, and that was a tremendous effort to undertake,” said Rocky Mountain Regional Manager Brad Warren, who awarded Tri-State with a plaque.

When developing its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), which outlines its future resources plan—including renewable resources—while balancing concerns like cost, reliability, environmental stewardship, national security and economic growth, Tri-State provided ample opportunity for public input by hosting seven public meetings throughout the IRP development process. Tri-State also maintained a resource planning website and an e-mail distribution list to accept input from and communicate with the public.

“They carefully reviewed and considered all comments received and the final IRP was improved as a result of the public process,” said Rocky Mountain Energy Services Specialist Bob Langenberger, who nominated Tri-State for the award. “Although the public participants may not have always agreed with Tri-State’s conclusions, they provided Tri-State with positive feedback on including them and recognized Tri-State for being professional and forthcoming during the process.”

Western’s Energy Services Manager Ron Horstman echoed Langenberger’s thoughts, “Tri-State engaged consumers and others interested in their future resources, listened to their input and incorporated some of their ideas. They doubled their budget for demand-side management programs to conserve and use energy efficiently to support the public’s need. It shows how committed they are to invest this type of money considering the economic climate today.”

Tri-State’s final IRP included two power purchase agreements for 30 megawatts of solar power and 51 megawatts of wind power.


About the award

The Administrator’s Award for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is a peer-recognition award presented to a firm power customer or a member of a firm power customer of Western who contributed notably in a creative and innovative manner to Western’s basic Energy Services objectives. It is based on commitment to and achievements in energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy to benefit their customers and communities.

About Energy Services

Western's Energy Services Program , which administers the award, helps Western customers improve energy efficiency, explore and use renewable energy options, find new technologies, and learn about programs and techniques at other utilities. Services include an equipment loan program, publications, workshops, webinars, and technical assistance through the Energy Services website. Customers can also visit the Energy Experts website for answers on any energy-related topic.