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  Q2 TARGETS IN: Western on track for successful year

Second Quarter Agency Targets scoreboard results

The score for Western’s Agency Targets is now in for the second quarter. Formerly called Strategic targets, the Fiscal Year 2013 Agency Targets keep Western progressing toward our long-term objectives. These objectives support Western’s mission to market and deliver clean, renewable, reliable, cost-based Federal hydropower. They also support the Department of Energy’s core mission of ensuring America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.

“As an agency Western is doing very well accomplishing the goals we set. When you also take into account our day-to-day accomplishments and our above-and-beyond service, such as the Hurricane Sandy response, you realize just how fundamentally well we are doing as an organization,” commented Chief Strategy Officer Theresa Williams.

Overall, Western is performing well on most of its targets. At the end of Q2, 26 targets were rated green for being “on track,” six were rated yellow, meaning “on track with caution,” and two were rated red indicating they’re “not on track.”

In the red=off track

Transmission Planning and Cost Allocations directs Western to comply with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Order No. 1000, and has been slow going in part because of two orders FERC issued creating binding cost allocations for the WestConnect and Mid-Continent Area Power Pool’s Order 1000 filings. Although Western has been proactively working to participate within its legal authorities, we will still need to address and resolve issues that conflict with our legal obligations. Western may decide to re-baseline this target due to the likelihood of continuing uncertainty and delay in the FERC process.

Also in the red was Upgrade Oracle Financial System/Power Maintenance System. The goal is to prepare the software for usability testing to make sure it will function in a way that will best serve Western. Western is exploring ways to get back on track with this target.

In the yellow=cautiously on track

Six targets were cautiously on track; all but two are expected to be achieved by the end of the fourth quarter. Of particular note is Sustainability, which was in the yellow for the second quarter in a row. The goal is to “meet specific sustainability targets that are cost effective and prudent.” Western did not achieve 50 percent of the sustainability activities it set to accomplish.

Western met two-thirds of the goal for High-Performing Workforce to recruit, hire, develop and retain a diverse and high performing workforce. However, the goal is being revisited to incorporate Diversity and Inclusion more broadly and effectively. Senior managers will continue to assess and monitor this target closely.

In the green=on track

The majority of Agency Targets were in the green for the second quarter. Western’s key accomplishments include:

  • Implementing the Transmission Infrastructure Program Optimization Team recommendations, a subtarget under the Transmission Infrastructure Program target. This was successfully achieved by completing a Memorandum of Understanding between DOE’s Loan Program Office and Western Feb. 12.
  • Transition the Grid is moving forward in many forms, including efforts to address the Joint Outreach Team recommendations. Ongoing coordination with other utilities will develop broader goals and objectives.

Our lengthy list of targets can seem daunting, but through our daily tasks and employee achievements, our goals are not only achievable, but ensure Western’s success in meeting its organizational goals and keep the agency progressing as a whole.