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If you haven't been receiving your Energy Services Bulletin announcements, take a minute to re-subscribe. Feel free to contact the Energy Services Bulletin editor with any questions.

Presentations from 34th Utility Energy Forum now online

If you weren't able to make it to Lake Tahoe for this year's Utility Energy Forum, don't despair! You can download the presentations Redirecting to a non-government site from the sessions and keynote speeches.

You may be missing out on the great networking opportunities the forum offers, but you do get to find out what everyone was talking about. And maybe you will get inspired to make the trip to Aspen, Colorado, for the Rocky Mountain Utility Efficiency Exchange Redirecting to a non-government site, Sept. 24-26.

DOE fact sheet highlights combined-heat-and-power technology

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems capture the heat from power generation and use it for heating and cooling operations, making the technology almost twice as efficient at fuel use as conventional generation. To encourage businesses to learn more about this efficient and cost-effective technology, the Energy Department has released a new Combined Heat and Power fact sheet and infographic. Contact Energy Services if you are interested in turning the online fact sheet into a bill stuffer for your industrial customers.

Register to submit your annual IRP online

Submitting your annual integrated resource plan update is easier for Western customers with the online IRP data collection program. Register to use this standardized tool for annual integrated resource plan updates.

Like the compliance training program, the web-based system is designed to streamline the reporting process, increase customers' understanding of the IRP requirements and ensure a consistent review process.