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   Strategic Roadmap 2024

Western has published its final draft Strategic Roadmap and Tactical Action Plan, which is one of four interrelated and complementary initiatives in the State of the Assets Report (PDF). Started in fall 2013, the Strategic Roadmap defines what Western will look like and what role it will play in the energy industry, with our Customers, and within the Federal government in 2024.  By Powering the Energy Frontier, Western’s Roadmap will help the agency deliver on its mission; operate safely, securely and reliably; and also manage resources effectively by guiding decision making, emphasizing Regional relationships, and prioritizing work around a single vision and mission.

Western plans to publish the final Strategic Roadmap in May 2014.

Learn more about the Roadmap (PDF, updated March 17, 2014).

See how Western's strategic plans (PDF) have evolved over time (updated March 4, 2014).

 Strategic Roadmap and Critical Pathways 

  • Roadmap graphicBusiness, Technology and Organizational Excellence: Expanding on organizational excellence by applying knowledge, technology, innovation and engaging internal and external partners to optimize operational effectiveness. 

  • Mutually Beneficial Partnerships: Building and sustaining productive relationships that enhance trust, operational effectiveness and business opportunities for all parties. 

  • Evolution of Services: Evolving Western’s power and transmission services in response to the needs of a diverse Customer base and the demands of a changing industry and technology environment through operational excellence and the application of cost containment and proper cost allocation principles. 

  • Powering the Energy Frontier: Provide premier power and transmission services to our Customers by applying business, technology and organizational excellence; building mutually beneficial partnerships; and enhancing the Nation's economic security and stability. 

 Tactical Action Plan 

Using the Strategic Roadmap as a filter, the Tactical Action Plan (PDF) inventories those tasks and activities, existing and new, needed to fully achieve the Strategic Roadmap. It is not, however, an exhaustive list of Western’s activities. The accompanying descriptions provide the details to each of the plan’s line items. Work scope estimates are for planning purposes only and provide relative comparison to each other. As each task or activity is further scoped, estimates will be adjusted, and funding needs will be vetted through Western’s budget formulation cycle.

  Do you have feedback?

Submit your feedback electronically using this online form.

You can also send your feedback to or contact your Regional Manager. Input received by April 11, 2014 will be most useful for consideration in the final Roadmap, which will be published in May 2014.