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Operations Study review and discussion postponed

After an initial review of the potential areas of interest in the study, Western’s senior management determined that some of these areas may also be identified in the draft or final Joint Outreach Team recommendations. As a result, Western suspended additional consideration of the Operations Study alternatives, along with customer discussion, until after the JOT recommendations have been finalized.

This postponement will help Western and customers give proper attention and consideration to the JOT recommendations, allow us to compare those recommendations to recommendations in the Operations Study and identify how to get the highest benefit from both studies in support of our core mission.

Acting Administrator Anita Decker explained, "Western is committed to engaging customers before making operational decisions that could impact customers. The Miracorp analysis was not intended to be Western’s final product. It was intended to be an independent review to serve as the basis for further consideration and analysis. Customers will be notified when we intend to restart the discussion."

Western Operations Study

On Aug. 9, Western released an operations study report (pdf) created by an independent consultant, Miracorp, to evaluate its current power system operations and provide alternatives to consider as Western strives to operate efficiently and effectively in a dynamically changing environment. Miracorp developed the report without input or comment from Western. 

In an effort to determine how best to improve operations and transmission services process and activities, Western's Senior Management Team decided to take a look at Western’s operations in Summer 2011. Western, through its consultant, examined the following functions:

  • Transmission services and planning activities
  • Transmission operations and balancing authority activities
  • Settlement activities related to real-time operations
  • Meeting industry compliance and reliability standards in the Operations environment
  • Participation in industry-wide power systems initiatives

Read more about the study on Western's January 2012 news feature, "Operations study looks to maximize efficiency" and about the study alternatives on Western's October 2012 news feature, "Operations Study provides alternatives for discussion."

Western hosted webinar

Western hosted a webinar for customers Aug. 16 to allow its consultant, Miracorp, to discuss the process they followed to create the report and also define Western's next steps.

Have trouble viewing the webinar? Install the GotoMeeting codec.

Read the comments

We have posted the comments received on the operations study at

If you have further questions about the study or need additional information, email Corporate Communications.


Page last updated: Nov. 7, 2012