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TransWest Express Project

Map of proposed transmission lines of TransWest Express Project

TransWest Express, LLC proposes to construct, operate, maintain and decommission the TransWest Express 600-kV Direct Current Transmission Project. TransWest Express, LLC is a whollyowned subsidiary of the Anschutz Corporation.

The Project consists of an overhead transmission line extending approximately 725 miles from south-central Wyoming crossing Colorado and Utah, with a potential interconnection at the Intermountain Power Project near Delta, Utah, and terminating at the Marketplace Hub in southern Nevada. This Project would include two AC/DC converter stations, about 200 acres in size at each terminating point, a fiber optic network communications system, and two ground electrode facilities, each about 600 acres in size. When completed, this Project would transmit about 3,000 megawatts of electricity per year generated primarily from renewable resources at planned facilities in Wyoming.

The Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming State Office and Western are joint lead agencies for the preparation of the environmental impact statement, and Western is proposing to participate as a joint owner in the Project.

Project updates: Project background:

In October 2011, the TransWest Express Project was selected as one of seven pilot demonstrations of streamlined Federal permitting and increased cooperation at the Federal, state and tribal levels. The interagency Rapid Response Team for Transmission, or RRTT, is expected to coordinate permitting, review and consultation among Federal and state agencies and expiditiously resove interagency conflicts to accelerate the development of selected transmission projects.

On Sept. 9, 2011, Western and TransWest Express LLC announced an agreement to fund the project’s development phase.

Western is providing its share of funding through the 2009 borrowing authority amendment to the Hoover Power Act.  Under the terms of the development agreement, TWE and Western will each pay up to $25 million to complete the development phase.  If Western continues its participation in the project into the construction phase – a decision that will be made when the environmental analysis is complete – additional borrowing authority would be used to help fund the project.

Environmental review process:

Western and the Bureau of Land Management are joint lead agencies for the preparation of the environmental impact statement, also called the EIS. Western maintains a separate webpage for this process. However for the most current updates about the EIS, visit BLM's project webpage below.


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