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Western's Renewable Resources program encourages the voluntary use of renewable resources by Western's wholesale customers. Western offers Federal customers two renewable resource products and facilitates customer access to renewable energy developers. The goal of the program is to identify customers who desire renewable resources in their generation mix and provide the technical and marketing assistance required for them to fully evaluate the option.

News at a Glance

Presentations from June 24 Tribal Renewable Energy webinar available to download

If you missed Regulatory Impacts for Renewable Energy Projects on Indian Lands, the June 24 installment of Tribal Renewable Energy Webinar Series, you can download the presentations from our webinar library.

The next webinar is scheduled for July 29. Best Practices for Developing and Implementing a Request for Proposals will cover developing RFPs that effectively reflect the tribal strategic plan and encourage qualified bidders to respond. Participants will also get tips for ensuring that RFPs get wide distribution and response, and learn about structured evaluation and selection procedures.

Participation is free but registration is required.

The webinar series is sponsored by the Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy in partnership with Western.

Earth Day 2015: New guidance to protect environment, develop wind energy

Federal agencies team up to strengthen environmental protection while developing wind energy resources in the Upper Great Plains

The Western Area Power Administration and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service teamed up to develop an innovative, standardized and streamlined environmental review process for wind energy projects. The Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement allows wind developers in the Upper Great Plains to address specific environmental concerns in a consistent way.  

“This is an exciting development, just in time for Earth Day,” said Western CEO and Administrator Mark Gabriel. “Signing off on the final environmental review today is encouraging for the environment, energy industry and government. The proposed guidance will ensure strong environmental protection of our natural resources and support development of renewable, clean energy options.” Read more.

Webinar on community solar programs available online

If you missed Utility Trends in Adopting Community Solar Models, presented by Western in cooperation with the Solar Electric Power Association, Redirecting to a non-government site you can download the recording and slide presentation from our webinar library.  Find out why some utilities see community solar programs as a valuable customer engagement tool, and explore case studies of actual utility programs.

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