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 Energy Secretary visits Western

 Energy Secretary addresses Western employees
Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz speaks to Western employees about the Department and Westen's role in the future, Sept. 11 at Western's Headquarters office in Lakewood, Colo. (Photo by Joel Klassen)
Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz visited with Western employees at the agency's Headquarters office in Lakewood, Colo., Sept. 11.

Administrator Mark Gabriel introduced Dr. Moniz, “When it comes to energy, science and national security, Dr. Moniz has seen and experienced it all, both private and public, in the classroom and in that place where ideas and new technologies morph into reality.”

Dr. Moniz, who was pleasantly surprised to be the first Energy Secretary to visit Western’s Headquarters, shared that, “The Department has never been more central to the President’s agenda.” He spoke about the Department’s efforts and plans to support the President’s Climate Action Plan and gave context to the President’s all-of-the-above energy strategy.

Dr. Moniz spoke briefly about the power marketing administrations’ and Western’s role, praising PMAs for enabling access to major wind resources and explaining that we're "part of the solution."

The Secretary also spoke about how the power marketing administrations and Western have an important role to play in providing their customers and the nation with affordable and reliable energy.

He concluded by sharing, “We all, as part of the whole energy system, need to be thinking about the system of 15-20 years down the road.”