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Asset Management

Western is currently transforming its asset management activities under the Asset Management Program Improvement Project to develop a mature, data-driven asset planning and investment program.

AMPIP will formalize and standardize how Western collects and processes asset data for three critical transmission assets across the agency, including how employees evaluate and document existing asset condition, calculate probability of failure and consequences, create schedules for optimal maintenance work and make recommendations for asset replacement or retirement.

By using the industry-accepted asset management guide, International Standard Organization Standard ISO 55001 – Asset Management, eventually Western staff will be able to create near real-time asset condition reports and provide risk based information to help with capital investment recommendations for senior management, customers and other stakeholders using industry policies, procedures and best practices.

Expected to be completed in mid-2015, AMPIP focuses on three core assets—transmission line segments, breakers and power transformers—to serve as test cases for improved processes and procedures, which will then be expanded to incorporate other assets over time as the program matures.

Reports illustrate strong equipment health

The first asset risk reports developed out of AMPIP revealed that Western’s most critical transmission asset classes are in good shape. Using the new methodology that combined the expertise of several functional groups and existing condition data, the AMPIP team has been able to illustrate quantitatively for the first time the health, importance and risk of the three test case assets under the program. The initial reports represent the baseline for the program, future annual reporting and trend analysis. The next steps for the program are to develop metrics for transmission line structures and conductors and establish procedures for a permanent program.

Documents and other information

Learn more about the results and next steps (PDF), Sept. 16, 2014